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Basic Colocation

  • Form factor: Rackmount, minitower, full tower or desktop machines
  • Physical location: our `hardened' garage NOC, in Campbell CA
  • UPS Power: 90-120 mins on APC SmartUPS 2200XL
  • Network connectivity: T1 to
  • Bandwidth allotment: 384Kbit/sec sustained, bursts to T1 speed - 1.4MB/sec symmetrical
  • Backups: Up to 80G, weekly backups via rdiff-backup

Cost: $150/month

Personal Colocation

  • Same as Basic Colocation, except
  • Bandwidth allotment: 512Kbit/sec max symmetrical
  • Backups: Up to 10G, weekly backups via rdiff-backup

Cost: $50/month

High-Performance E-Mail

  • 200MB of backed-up, RAID-protected E-Mail storage space
  • Inbound mail protected by SpamAssassin and ClamAV (Antivirus)
  • IMAP4 or POP3 access - SSL/TLS encrypted
  • Encrypted WebMail access
  • Authenticated SMTP for outbound mail

Cost: $50/year

Unix Shell Account

  • 5GB of backed-up, RAID-protected file storage
  • Email access same as for High-Performance E-mail accounts
  • DNS, Email, and Web Virtualhosting for one domain name
  • SSH access to shell account on dual 1.8Ghz Redhat9 machine

Cost: $100/year