October 09, 2004

Speakeasy Trouble

Update Sat Oct 9 21:25: Just received this email from Speakeasy:

On Sunday morning, October 10th 2004, we will be performing emergency maintenance on the Point of Presence (POP) through which your Broadband connection is routed. As a result, your service will be interrupted for up to 4 hours, beginning at 12:00AM PDT Sunday morning and ending at 4:00AM PDT Sunday morning.

Hopefully that will be the end of it.

(Earlier updates moved behind the jump...)

We are currently experiencing an outage on our SFO backhaul, which began at 1:55 PDT. All circuits routed through our San Francisco POP and dependent NAPs will be unable to connect. Our Engineering department is aware and working to resolve the issue.
Update 2:51PM: The notice now includes the following:
The outage appears to have been resolved at this time. Our Engineering department is monitoring closely to ensure that there are no further issues. To all of our Speakeasy clients in San Francisco, we apologize for this inconvenience and sincerely appreciate your patience during this outage.
Too bad they don't say what actually happened.

Update Sat Oct 9: Apparently it's not quite fixed. There's another update on the speakeasy ticket:

Broadband services in northern California are back down, do to a repeat of this issue. We're working with our hardware vendor to identify the cause of this problem and prevent further repeats.
Posted by eric at 09:27 PM